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Employees and their skills are the foundation of any organization. A well-designed benefits policy, an optimal Employee Experience and a professional HR function ensure that people with the right capabilities want to work for the organization, that employees are satisfied and that they contribute optimally to the goals of the organization. To this end, it offers appropriate terms of employment and working conditions that are increasingly in line with the wishes of the individual.

At People and Organisation within Tax you will pick up different types of work within different specialisms, which also clearly interact with each other. With specialist tax knowledge, you can make a difference. Whether it's employment law, advice on the eve of a merger, advice on pension schemes or hr-technology, our specialists and therefore you can be part of it.

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Working at P&O

P&O teams in Tax

Tax planning, compliance and risk management in the area of employee benefits and compensation.

Clear processes and performance management, applied technology and insightful data analysis.

Advice on various HR technologies that are driving the transformation of organizations.

Advice at the time of a merger, acquisition, demerger, integration, sale or IPO.

Issues that arise in the areas of pensions, insurance, and/or working conditions.

Advice on Pension Scheme(s) and associated costs, liabilities, HR aspects.

Advice around directors' compensation and examining retention plans.

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