The opportunity of a lifetime

Working for PwC:
the opportunity of a lifetime

Your career is exactly that: yours. You call the shots. We give you the opportunities you need: to do challenging work that truly makes a difference, to get the most out of yourself, to help boost confidence in society and to do your bit to resolve vital social issues. To enable this, we provide intensive training and take your ambitions and personal choices fully into account. We offer a highly varied range of duties for world-renowned clients. You will have access to a global network and share your knowledge, ideas and questions with leading professionals in your field of expertise and other disciplines. You will be valued for who you are and what you do. You will work in an inspiring, inclusive and respectful working environment with amicable and highly professional colleagues. And however long you stay with PwC, the skills and professional relationships you acquire here will play a decisive role in your future career.

Inspirational colleagues and clients

During your time at PwC, you will be given all of the freedom you need to develop both professionally and personally. You will mainly learn whilst performing hands-on work. At PwC, you will work on challenging projects literally from day one. You will share your ideas and knowledge with more experienced colleagues, devise solutions together and learn from how they handle deadlines and clients.


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Projects that make a difference

All client requests are a great motivator to get the very best out of yourself. They help you discover who you are, what you are good at and what is important to you. This kind of personal growth is an essential supplement to your talent and professional knowledge, especially if you occupy or aspire to a senior or executive role. As the projects we conduct make a real difference to society, working for PwC really helps you to see the social aspect of the job. For example, what impact will your advice have on jobs or the environment? This social aspect adds extra allure and relevance to your work at PwC.


During your work, you will inevitably have to ask questions or you will realise that you require certain additional knowledge or skills. At times like these, you can always count on your colleagues, your job coach and your supervisor for help. During projects, you will be given guidance by your colleagues and job coach and you can also help your colleagues by giving tips on certain practical issues you have encountered. Your job coach and supervisor will also give you performance-related feedback that you can use to systematically improve your performance. Every year, you will agree a number of goals with your job coach and determine the development path you wish to take. He or she will then help you realise these goals. In short, you will be given a wealth of opportunities to optimise your performance and get the very most from your talents.


The world, the profession and the clients for whom you work are in a constant state of flux, so it's vital to move with the times and develop yourself further via PwC's training opportunities. We have many decades of experience in employee training and development, with around 500 new employees joining us every year. To a certain degree, PwC is a huge training centre: PwC turns starting professionals into skilled professionals and skilled professionals into expert professionals. We do this at our own training centre, named the PwC Academy: one of the biggest training centres in the Netherlands. Employees always start with an induction programme followed by another training course selected according to your educational background, usually a post-Master's programme. For example, tax specialists are trained as tax advisors. If you join us as an accountant, then you will participate in our two-year training programme entitled The Associate Academy: the ultimate accountancy traineeship.

Who you are is decisive

Clients appreciate professionals who are honest and willing to take personal responsibility. Self-awareness and relationship management are therefore central. For example, you will learn how to build up a relationship with the client, what effect your own behaviour has and how to steer conversations. You can also supplement the programme with other courses of your own choosing. Regardless of what stage in your career you are at, you remain in charge of your professional development and can always make use of the training opportunities offered by PwC.

Flexible work and home life

At PwC, you can flexibly determine when and where you work thanks to smartphones and other devices offered by PwC. To us, it's results that count. Would you like to work from home, from a different PwC office or do you want to flexibly adjust your working hours? As long as you discuss your wishes clearly and thoroughly with your colleagues and supervisors, how you do your work is up to you. Such arrangements are perfect for avoiding rush-hour traffic, going to the gym or finding time to do something for yourself.

Career choices

Every now and then, we all take stock of our career and ask ourselves what comes next. Am I heading in the right direction at the right pace?, Do I want to keep doing what I'm doing or is it time to make a change? Your personal decisions, ambitions and priorities are paramount. We actively brainstorm with you on how these can be accommodated and have devised policy to assist you in this regard. For example, new fathers are entitled to ten days of paternity leave after the birth of their baby and we have care schemes that allow employees to work one day per week less in order to care for young children or sick family members. You will have to make decisions at every stage of your career and your life, and PwC is happy to accommodate these.

Push your boundaries

Changing your focus every now and then helps to keep your mind fresh, curious and multifaceted, for example, by taking on a project from a different business unit, exploring new ground within your professional field, seeking a different discipline or moving to a different PwC office. Are you intrigued by the idea of practising your profession internationally? If so, many of the professional fields within PwC offer you the chance to work abroad. The international knowledge and experience that you gain during such transfers will greatly aid your practice and clients in the Netherlands.

Grow, stick or twist?

You can also adjust the number of hours you work per week on either a temporary or permanent basis, and you can switch from part-time to full-time work or vice versa. You can also decide at what speed you wish your career to advance. You can choose to put your development activities temporarily on the back burner and stay at the level you currently occupy. If you subsequently wish to make a change, you can discuss and investigate your opportunities to do something different.

Apply your time and knowledge in other ways

You can spend a number of working hours doing work for a good cause. This involves you doing your regular work, except no invoice is sent to the client. In this way, you are able to do what you do best whilst simultaneously helping a worthy social cause.