Corporate responsibility

The big picture: your role in society

Working for PwC as an accountant, advisor or tax specialist means you play a key role in society. Your work has a direct impact on society and you must act accordingly. You must enjoy helping to solve social issues, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) must be an essential part of your services and working methods.

Building trust

The purpose of PwC professionals is to build trust in society and solve important problems. You are convinced that together with your clients, you can make a real difference by using your knowledge, skills and network to solve social issues. You do this in both your day-to-day duties as well as the special services you provide to your clients with regard to sustainability, population ageing and mobility.

Responsible enterprise

When joining PwC, you enter an extremely diverse working environment where both employees and clients feel right at home. The quality and integrity of our products and services is of paramount importance to you. This is an essential factor when working on vital issues such as cost-cutting, variable oil prices, population ageing and the future of healthcare. You will proactively convey PwC's vision and ethics regarding social issues, both of which are firmly embedded in our training courses and processes. In addition, your advice will also take into account short and long-term consequences for human and animal welfare and the environment, and you will discuss the social impact of your advice with your clients.


As a PwC professional, you must continually strive to minimise CO2 emission, especially with regard to mobility and energy consumption. You will work in energy-efficient offices and you will be offered a public transport chip card. You will also be encouraged to select a relatively efficient company car, and the emissions stemming from your road and air transport are offset by PwC's investment in sustainable energy projects.

Social enterprises

You can devote a number of working hours to a good cause: either an existing charity or a project that you set up yourself. This involves you doing your regular work, except no invoice is sent to the client. It's a win-win situation: you are able to do what you do best whilst simultaneously helping a worthy social cause. Since 2013, we have focused on social enterprises.
The goal of social enterprises is not to make money, but to make the world a better, fairer and more sociable place. The social or ecological objective is paramount and these organisations strive to realise fair trade, greater social cohesion or create products that are environmentally friendly. As we are convinced that such initiatives deserve a shot in the arm, we actively support the following good causes:

  • Social Enterprise NL
    We are one of the founding partners of this national platform that represents, connects and supports social entrepreneurs.
  • Social Enterprise Expertise Centre
    In line with our commitment to CSR, we contribute our knowledge, skills and expertise to CSR projects for social enterprises. For these purposes, all PwC professionals are permitted to work on pro-bono projects during working hours. In the past year, we have spent over 10,000 hours on these kinds of projects, 56 of which are now complete.
  • Social Impact Lab
    This competition for start-ups provides the three most promising social start-ups two years of guidance, accommodation and funding from PwC.

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Other initiatives

As well as these social-enterprise initiatives, PwC professionals can also focus on the following socially responsible projects:

· What matters 2U

Together with the What matters 2U Foundation, we recognise the efforts of employees who support good causes both during and outside working hours. If you work for PwC and you volunteer for a good cause, you are eligible to win an award and a cash prize that is donated to the charitable project that you support.

· Young CR

You can join the network of young PwC professionals to whom CR is important and who organise all kinds of activities to raise and maintain awareness of this issue within PwC.

· The Transparency Prize

You can also join the jury for the Transparency Prize: an annual award for charitable institutions who provide the most transparent financial statements and communication on this matter. You can also support these charitable institutions by contributing your knowledge and skills to their reporting process.

· Giving Back

PwC professionals can operate as mentors for the Giving Back Foundation, which helps ambitious schoolchildren and students – most of which have multicultural backgrounds – to select the right study programme, establish a successful career and build up a relevant network.