Treasury Advisory Services

The changing role of the corporate treasurer

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In the years before the credit crisis, the corporate treasury departments were primarily considered to hedge interest rate and currency risks, to attract funding and to invest excess cash under the best possible conditions. Those days are over.

These days, the responsibilities of corporate treasurer have increased to include providing periodic reports to senior management about risk and cash management The credit crisis made it clear that hedging at the micro level is useless if attention is not also paid to the risks at the macro level. The corporate treasurer is the right person to identify and clarify these macro risks and help decide how they should be addressed.

In short, the corporate treasury department has become the center of attention. This is reflected in the results of our survey among corporate treasurers. At the same time, the increase in workload and responsibilities often has to be performed without an increase in the budget. It is therefore important to be as efficient as possible. We are an international team of over 350 specialists who can quickly and flexibly respond to current questions of treasurers.

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