Value Chain Transformation

Sustainable growth in line with accurate business alignment

Changes in the regulatory, economic and commercial environment mean that companies are increasingly operating across many countries and regions. This brings various challenges but also presents companies with an opportunity to re-think the structure of their business in response to these challenges.

New operating models

Current operating models are often ill equipped to address the strategic issues that modern companies face. This can be due to the fact that models are based on a collection of information from independent markets and operating units with duplicated functions and limited alignment.

Integrated businesses

Transforming the value chain is essential to turning organisations into truly integrated businesses, which means they have a consistent set of operating policies and processes as well as strong central management supplemented by outstanding local execution. This integrated business model will be strengthened by a competitive cost base and effective tax rate.

Integrated service offering

PwC’s Value Chain Transformation specialists within the transfer pricing team work together with Advisory, Tax and Legal services to provide one integrated service offering.

We can help you in the following ways:

  • Ensuring that tax, specifically transfer pricing components, are aligned with the operational and legal components of your operating model. This alignment can yield sustainable financial and operational benefits;
  • Guiding and supporting you through the broader business transformation necessary to deliver the change and realise the benefits you're looking for;
  • Preparing defence files and documentation files concerning the change in the operational model;
  • Providing support in discussions with the tax authorities, upfront and/or after the new business model has been implemented.