Impact of REACH on your organisation

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It is of the utmost importance to first understand the impact of REACH on your organization. Only then can you determine how to meet the legal obligations imposed by REACH. To mitigate the possible risks, compliance activities have to be mapped in internal processes and guidelines.

We distinguish three phases in a structured implementation of REACH:

  1. REACH assessment: This review determines your current situation and analyzes your product portfolio and REACH exposure. We aim to identify opportunities to improve the performance of your organization.
  2. REACH strategy: We assess and document your business targets and support you to reach these goals. This phase also entails the engagement of internal stakeholders (IT, QHSE, Sales, Purchasing, Corporate)
  3. REACH implementation and monitoring: We support you to execute the REACH strategy and implement your REACH program in the most efficient way. To do so, we apply an unambiguous approach, embedded it into your organization’s daily business processes.

Achieve competitive advantage

REACH offers you new possibilities. The advantage to be in control of REACH is twofold. On the one hand, your company’s license to the market is secured. On the other hand, it enables your organization to recognize opportunities more easily and capitalize on them. Your organization will be able to be compliant in an effective en efficient way.

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