Introduction to the Dutch Financial Reporting requirements

Dutch GAAP

Dutch GAAP is complex. It is based on legislation from the European Union but there is also strong influence from IFRSs. Dutch GAAP offers many options and is often principles based. At the same time it is sometimes very strict. Not applying the rules or misinterpreting the rules could easily lead to non - compliance. And non - compliance could give rise to severe penalties and annoying restatements.

During this half-day training we will offer a program with the following topics:

  • Key principles of Dutch GAAP (preparation and filing of the financial statements, governance structure, signing the accounts, dividend payments)
  • Consolidation exemption
  • Look and feel of Dutch GAAP financial statements (including requirements with regard to balance sheet, profit and loss, and disclosures)
  • A quick scan through the Dutch Accounting Standards covering most topics that are relevant for the financial statements
  • Some obvious differences with IFRS
  • Case study - put it into practice
  • Recent developments and future outlook

For whom

This training is meant for shared service centres of multinationals as well as for all other international corporates and organisations that need to comply with Dutch GAAP statutory requirements.


13:00 Introduction
13:30 Start training
18:00 End training


To be determined.


The price for attending this training amounts to € 450,- excluding VAT.


Would you like to register to one of these trainings? Please send us your application two weeks ahead of the training outset. In case you wish to register after the deadline has passed, please contact us by telephone.


Although this is an open training, this training could be made available in-house upon request.


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