Integrated Reporting - Master Classes

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Improving your reporting processes

We would like to invite you and your colleagues to participate in our program of three Integrated 
Reporting Master Classes. These Master Classes will get you up to speed on the latest ins and 
outs of Integrated Reporting. They will enable you to discuss your organization’s Integrated Reporting 
with peers and experts in the various fields of Integrated Reporting.

The three Master Classes focus on improving both the quality of your reporting as well as improving 
your reporting processes, by incorporating three fundamental concepts, the three Ms:

Materiality: How do you determine what is really relevant to stakeholders and important for the long 
term business success of your organization? And how does this relate to the value creation process 
of your organization?

Measurement: How are you going to measure the performance on material topics? And what does 
it mean to measure and report on social-economic outcomes? What is the best way to report on 
your performance?

Management: How can you manage the performance on material topics and how can you structure 
the reporting processes and systems efficiently?

Renowned guest speakers

At each Master Class renowned guest speakers and topic experts will share their extensive knowledge 
and experiences. Furthermore, case studies and best practices ensure the Master Classes are practical 
and will enable you to implement and improve the Integrated Reporting of your organization.

Putting it into practice

After these sessions you will be able to:

  • apply the materiality approach to your organization;
  • identify the steps towards transforming your report into an integrated report;
  • determine potential improvement aspects within the reporting process.

These sessions are of interest to those involved in the strategy and reporting processes 
of the organization, such as reporting directors, internal auditors, communication managers, 
sustainability managers and investor relations.

Your facilitators for the Master Classes

The Master Classes are facilitated by Robert van der Laan and Anouk Wentink. 
Both have been involved in the development of the new G4 guidelines, the execution 
of the Dutch Transparency Benchmark and the latest developments with respect to 
Integrated Reporting. Their specific knowledge of sustainability and integrated reporting 
as well as their practical experience allow for an optimal result.

  • Robert van der Laan, Partner PwC Sustainability & Responsible Governance,
    specialised in managing and implementing (IR). Author of the book “Voorkauwen of
    vaaghouden” about (IR).
  • Anouk Wentink, Consultant PwC Sustainability, expert in the field of sustainability
    reporting and (IR). She advises several organisations on their roadmap towards an
    Integrated Report, furthermore she coordinates the annual PwC (IR) benchmark.


Each Master Class focusses on a different concept. The programme for each session will be fully geared towards that concept. The training session starts at 15.00 and ends at 18.30 
with a drinks reception and snacks.

Master Class 1: Materiality - Autumn:

The Dutch Association of Investors for Sustainable Development (VBDO) works to create a sustainable capital market, a market that considers not only the financial criteria but also the non-financial, social and environmental criteria. VBDO's vision is to increase sustainability awareness among companies and investors. VBDO will share their views on materiality from an investors perspective.

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is a leading organization in the sustainability field. GRI promotes the use of sustainability reporting as a way for organizations to become more sustainable and contribute to sustainable development.​ GRI will share their views on materiality as the fundamental concept in their sustainability reporting guidelines.

Ten Cate

Textiles technology group Royal Ten Cate is a multinational company which develops and produces solutions which are sold worldwide for the protection of people and their working and living environment.
Jaap de Carpentier Wolf - Corporate Communications will share practical insights and lessons learned with regards to TenCate's materiality assessment.

Master Class 2: Measurement - Autumn 2014:

Tom Beagent from PwC is an international expert on Total Impact Measurement and Management. Amongst others he has worked with PUMA to develop the world’s first Environmental Profit & Loss statement.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is the world’s largest and oldest global environmental organization. Daan Wensing is head of unit Natural Capital and Value Chains and manager Leaders for Nature. He will share initiatives and experiences with regards to measuring natural capital.

Master Class 3: Management - Autumn 2014:  

PwC and Nyenrode Business University

Nyenrode is the only private university in the Netherlands. Nyenrode’s ambition is to deepen the knowledge of our internationally oriented, carefully selected students towards sustainable leaders, robust accountants and agile and creative entrepreneurs. Jacques de Swart will share his ideas and experience of how we can use data to make better informed decisions, for example through sustainable business modelling.


  • Master Class Materiality: Autumn 2014
  • Master Class Measurement: Autumn 2014
  • Master Class Management: Autumn 2014

The training session starts at 15.00 and ends at 18.30 with a drinks reception and snacks.

PE-hours Accountants

The training courses of the Academy meet the requirements for Permanent Education of the NBA. 
By completing the Master Classes, accountants receive 9 PE-hours. The certificate will be provided upon completion of the training.

PE-points RC’s

By completing the Master Classes, registered controllers receive 9 PE-points. The certificate will be provided upon completion of the training.


EUR 895 (excluding VAT) for the three Master Class sessions. This includes training material, lunch and a drinks reception.

Subscription is valid for two persons: one person attending all three sessions and (depending on the subject matter) invites one of his/her colleagues to join that specific Master Class.


We will send you a confirmation of your subscription and provide you with additional information regarding the training.


Do you wish to attend the Master Classes with multiple participants or do you require a training tailored to the needs of your organisation? Please let us know. We are happy to discuss you specific training needs and design a training session that suits you. Please feel free to contact the Academy to discuss the possibilities.