Asset management and the credit crunch

The credit crunch has caused a lot of disturbance in the asset management industry. In this accounting focussed inhouse training, PwC will guide you in an interactive way through the root causes of the credit crisis, explain the (possible) impact on your accounting, provide you with some of the lessons learned and discuss the liquidity of markets.

The program of the inhouse training can look as follows:

  • Introduction
  • The IAS 39 categories
  • Fair value and amortised cost – balance sheet
  • (Re)measurement in the income statement – impairments
  • How the credit crunch came about
  • What is banks get into trouble
  • The IAS 39 amendment
  • Recap and wrap up

By attending this inhouse training, the participants of your company will:

  • Understand the root caused of the credit crisis
  • Know the (possible) impact on the accounting of your company
  • Gain understanding on the liquidity of markets

Duration and date of inhouse training

The course program, date and location will be agreed upon with you in a scoping meeting.

PE/CPE credits

If you are “accountant in business” you will receive 3PE/CPE credits if the training has a duration of ½ a day and 6 PE/CPE credits if the training has a duration of 1 day. You will receive a certificate after attending the training.


Based upon your requirements regarding the training we will prepare a proposal.


If you would like to receive more information about this inhouse training or would like to discuss with us the inhouse training possibilities, please click the button below. We will contact you on a short notice.