From complexity to transparency - accounting standards in practice

Understanding accounting standards is one thing, applying them in practice is often more complex. Especially if your company is involved in complex transactions, applying Dutch GAAP, IFRS and US GAAP can be challenging. the training courses of the Academy are designed to help you take on this challenge.

Update and increase your accounting knowledge efficiently by joining our training sessions. We offer concise, practical, high quality, accredited (PE points) training courses. Recent developments and examples from daily practice are part of the programme. Our trainers are experienced PwC specialists with expert knowledge and practical experience.


The core of our IFRS curriculum is the IFRS master class programme. The IFRS master class programme consists of eight modules of four hours each (except for module six which consists of two sessions of four hours each). The subjects covered include a wide range of IFRS related topics, ranging from an introduction into IFRS to specific accounting rules related to employee benefits and business take-overs. The IFRS master class is instructed in English. You may subscribe to all eight modules or to the individual modules you deem relevant.


Accounting training
IFRS 13 for financial instruments - hedge accounting and CVA/DVA
Dutch GAAP Actualiteiten
IFRS Update

In-house training

Do you wish to attend the training with multiple participants or do you require a training tailored to the needs of your organisation? Please let us know. We are happy to discuss you specific training needs and design a training session that suits you. Please feel free to contact the Academy to discuss the possibilities.

An in-house training has the following additional benefits:

  • You can save time and money. The costs of an inhouse training are per day, not per person. If you wish to train a larger group, for example an entire team or department, you can reduce the training cost per individual. By organising the training at your offices, you can save travel time. Or, make use of our training facilities.
  • The course is tailored to your company; examples and cases from your daily practice can be incorporated in the programme.
  • We can organise a post-course debriefing to discuss any question you might have after the participants have taken the time to assimilate the information provided during the course.

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