The Executive Pay Challenge

Survey on Executive Remuneration in the Netherlands

We are proud to present The Executive Pay Challenge: Looking back and forward to selected remuneration topics in the Netherlands. This report includes the key findings of our 2013/2014 remuneration survey among the top 75 listed companies in the Netherlands, i.e. all AEX-, AMX- and AScX-listed companies as at year end 2013.

What does this mean for you?

You can use the key findings for different purposes. For benchmarking the data in the executive and non-executive remuneration levels sections for your own remuneration levels. Or you are triggered by the 'Issues to consider/food for further thought' boxes throughout the report, for example the rationale for introducing an internal pay ratio for all listed companies within the European Union.

The key findings concern the following topics:

Looking back to remuneration reporting 2013 and shareholder meetings 2014:

  • Remuneration levels executives
  • Financial and non-financial performance measures
  • Share Ownership Guidelines
  • Remuneration levels non-executives

Looking forward to a few trends and developments:

  • EU proposal say-on-pay
  • EU proposal internal pay ratio
  • Flexibility, discretion and judgement