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Forensic Services Magazine 2012

Gepubliceerd: 20-12-2012

De wintereditie 2012 van het Forensic Services Magazine is uit. Integriteitinbreuken komen steeds vaker voor en criminelen worden steeds weer inventiever, waardoor de behoefte aan betrouwbare informatie steeds groter wordt.


Bring your own Device

Gepubliceerd: 04-07-2012

Technologische innovaties ontketenen een nieuwe revolutie, namelijk die van de mobiele devices. Werknemers willen de technologieën die hun privéleven al verrijken ook in werksfeer gebruiken. Er ontstaat voor organisaties een zekere druk om eigen devices van medewerkers toe te staan voor zakelijk gebruik. Dit noemen we Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


Global Economic Crime Survey 2011

Gepubliceerd: 29-11-2011

De Global Economic Crime Survey is een tweejaarlijks onderzoek naar economische fraude. Het onderzoek gaat in op de oorzaken van fraude en de consequenties daarvan voor organisaties.


Anti-bribery risk assessment

Gepubliceerd: 07-11-2011

Anti-bribery is among the hottest topics of conversation in corporate circles. Aggressive anti-bribery law enforcement in the United States — and increasingly around the world — has landed bribery risk a place on corporate radar screens with greater intensity and frequency in recent years. Many companies are aware of bribery risks, but struggle to successfully piece together the right elements of an anti-bribery compliance program.


Why is anti-corruption due diligence relevant in mergers and acquisitions?

Gepubliceerd: 07-11-2010

Why is anti-corruption due diligence relevant in mergers and acquisitions? - Trends indicate increased enforcement and relevance of anti-corruption due diligence in M&A. A risk based approach is required, with the timing, nature and extent of the due diligence dependent on the circumstances of each M&A.


Managing the risk of bribery posed by business partners

Gepubliceerd: 15-06-2010

Effectively managing the risk posed by business partners requires proper oversight, risk based due diligence, avoiding labels, the use of standard contract terms and continuous monitoring. It is important for companies to assess the integrity and reputation of their business partners given the risk posed by their use.


The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Gepubliceerd: 26-11-2009

In recent times, two parallel trends have combined to increase signifi cantly the risk to businesses of serious damage arising from violations of anti-bribery laws and regulations around the world.


FCPA services - Practice alert

Gepubliceerd: 02-09-2009

In December 2008, Siemens AG (Siemens), Europe’s largest multi-national engineering and electronics company, reached a settlement with US regulators regarding a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigation into allegations of bribing foreign public officials and falsifying corporate books and records. This investigation resulted in a combined settlement of $1.6 billion, including an $800 million settlement with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and penalties imposed by international authorities.