Mobile technologies index - part 2

Infrastructure speed: watch capital investment in 4G for the next inflection

To measure the rate of improvement in key enabling technologies, we developed the Mobile Technologies Index, a broad composite of seven enabling components that underlie the power of the mobile device to sense, analyse, store and connect information.

PwC predicts that infrastructure speed will be the fastest improving component of the seven enabling technologies in the PwC Mobile Technology Index through 2015. We are forecasting a global compound annual growth rate of 54% (as measured in average megabits per second) through 2015.

By 2015, we also expect the three factors associated with the transition to 4G technology---share of infrastructure investment, share of devices and share of subscribers---to reach levels that could trigger a robust period of 4G innovation.

This article explains how and why we reached these conclusions and delves into some of the developments we might expect to see as 4G hits the benchmarks needed to cause a surge in innovation.

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