Global Agribusiness

With teams around the globe, this document sets out to give a flavour of what our local agribusiness experts are observing in their territories. In Australia, for example, Australia has broken through the formidable tariff barriers protecting Japanese agriculture to secure a deal hailed by both governments as the most significant advancement in their economic relationship since the 1957 post-war trade pact. We discuss the implications.

In New Zealand, The New Zealand–China two way trade goal has been increased to NZ$30bn by 2020 after a meeting between China’s President and New Zealand’s Prime Minister. The latter also attended the launch of the China-New Zealand Dairy Exchange Centre in Beijing, which should provide the opportunity for China’s dairy industry to learn from New Zealand’s development in dairy technology.

Elsewhere, the Saudi Agricultural Development Fund is launching phase 2 of its transformation project for the Saudi poultry sector. As part of phase 2, PwC will define a 10-year strategy for the poultry sector and will help establish a National Poultry Board. We will also help design a Poultry Disease Management Centre. As a reminder, it’s a snapshot only: do feel free to contact the local experts to discuss their views in more depth.