China's Impact on the Semiconductor Industry: 2012 Update Ch5


China's relative revenue growth will lag significantly if its foundries continue to compete on price rather than leading-edge technology.

Over the past three years, China's share of wafer fab capacity allocated to the O-S-D (optoelectronics-sensors-discretes) sector has been increasing. It could increase to 30% for China versus 15% worldwide by 2015.

Packaging, assembly and test is probably the largest of China's semiconductor manufacturing sectors when measured in terms of value added, production revenue, employees and manufacturing floor space.

China's SPA&T (semiconductor packaging, assembly and test) facilities continue to rank first in share of worldwide SPA&T manufacturing floor space for the third year, ahead of Taiwan and Japan.

Samsung's Xi'an NAND Flash memory fab, which broke ground in September 2012, will become China's largest and most advanced technology wafer fab upon its completion, currently estimated to be in 2014.

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