Public Sector

Public sector
Sound legal advice in times of uncertainty

The entire public sector is facing the need to cut costs. Decentralisation, privatisation, revised budgets, and more flexible use of employees: all these issues need the right response, and we stand ready to help you formulate that response and to achieve the best result for your organisation.

In-depth knowledge and sound advice

Sound legal advice depends entirely on a thorough knowledge of the industry sector in question. We know the public sector well. We know the specific legislation and regulations, and we are up to date on current developments. We have contacts at the public entities themselves and also within the government departments. In close collaboration with PwC colleagues in other specialisms, we can advise as to the best approach for your organisation.

Our services in the Healthcare & Education sectors

  • Setting up alliances (including public-private partnerships), legal mergers and acquisitions, and drafting cooperation agreements
  • Advising on and implementing restructuring processes, including the legal position of employees
  • Supervising procurement processes
  • Advising on the restructuring of hospitals, for instance as a result of the proposals for profit distributions by hospitals

Our services in the Local & National Government sector

  • Advising on and assisting in the corporatisation or privatisation of government services
  • Organising and implementing large-scale benefit projects
  • Supervising calls for tenders
  • Drafting and assessing legislation and regulation