Privacy & Data Protection

Privacy & Data Protection
A better understanding of the term “privacy”

As an employer you are increasingly confronted with the term “privacy”. There is much complex legislation in the field of privacy, and it is constantly changing. Do you find it difficult to see the wood from the trees when it comes to international legislation and regulation? Our experts stand ready to assist you in terms of assurance that you are in compliance with all your obligations.

Conflicting legislation and regulations

An ever increasing mass of legislation and regulation has been developed to ensure optimal protection of personal data. A comforting thought, since your own privacy is also at risk. Unfortunately, not only do many of the requirements complement each other but they may also conflict with each other. That makes it difficult and sometimes virtually impossible to comply with all of the regulations.

Is your data being used and protected properly?

Problems can still occur even if you know exactly what rules need to be observed. For instance, are you in compliance with the rules on transferring personal data to foreign branches or external data processors? Knowledge of the rules and regulations is one thing – properly implementing them is something different entirely. How can you ensure that the data entrusted to you is adequately protected? Loss of data due to fraud or burglary can give rise both to significant claims and to damage to your reputation.

Our distinguishing edge

We can advise you at different levels, if necessary in close cooperation with our PwC colleagues in our own and other disciplines, in the Netherlands and abroad. We provide specific legal services in multi-competence teams, with a large network of international privacy and data protection lawyers close at hand. Our practical experience in the field of transactions allows us to help you make a perfect match between theory and practice.

Our services

  • Clarifying what personal data you are permitted collect, store, share or possibly sell/lease, and how you should go about this – and highlighting your rights and obligations
  • Determining who is responsible for data processing within your organisation and then assessing whether you are in compliance with all the legal requirements (some of which can be contradictory with each other)
  • Advising on changes to existing internal or external processes and on the implementation of new procedures
  • Identifying the risks you run if you are negligent or violate legal requirements
  • Advising and implementing so-called Binding Corporate Rules designed to govern the transfer of personal data to affiliates abroad