Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions
Maxmising the opportunities created by mergers and acquisitions

Mergers, acquisitions and strategic alliances in the Private Companies market are complex affairs. What are the legal risks? Have the agreements been carefully drafted? Do you need tailored advice on the negotiating strategy or a legal adviser to assist you in negotiations?

By providing advice and performing legal due diligence, we can identify the opportunities and threats. If need be, we can also implement and execute the transaction itself, leaving you to focus on getting the best out of the opportunities.

Multi-competence consultancy teams

In many cases we work as part of a PwC multi-competence transaction team. Operating seamlessly with other PwC disciplines in terms of providing coordinated services enables us to provide valuable solutions.

Our competitive edge

We can assist you at different levels in a transaction, if necessary in close cooperation with our colleagues in other disciplines, with the same focus on the Private Companies market. We provide specific legal services in multi-competence teams, with a large network of international lawyers close at hand. Our practical experience in the field of transactions allows us to help you make a perfect match between theory and practice.

Our services

  • Based on legal due diligence, we provide advice as to material risks and we make recommendations for minimising those legal risks.
  • In the area of contracts, you can rely on us throughout the transaction process: from preparation to letter of intent, from confidentiality agreement to purchase agreement.
  • We can assist you in drawing up and managing all the documentation you need: from board resolutions to shareholders’ resolutions - and before, during and after the transaction process
  • We also recognise the human aspects of transactions; for instance, not only do we view cases as employment lawyers, but we also involve our human resources and tax colleagues.