Working together to reach solutions

Anyone who gets involved in a business conflict needs a speedy and efficient solution. We can help you solve disputes yourself, thereby avoiding unpleasant and often costly litigation or arbitration.

Conflict resolution between parties

Mediation is a form of alternative resolution dispute in which an independent expert, the mediator, supervises the discussions between the parties involved. Disputes are resolved by the parties themselves rather than by imposition “from above”. In a mediation situation, the parties themselves work together towards a solution, with an understanding of and for the other party’s positions and interests.

Willingness to negotiate and trust

Mediation needs to be entered into voluntarily and within a framework of trust and respect for confidentiality. Success is also conditional on a willingness to negotiate and to allow room for negotiation.

Our services

We can help you resolve a wide variety of conflicts, for instance in the areas of:

  • Commercial conflicts
  • Conflicts within the board room
  • Conflicts within the board room partnerships
  • Conflicts between shareholders