Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property
Getting a head start on the competitione

Many companies face intellectual property rights issues on a daily basis. Their development and management involve significant expense, but they also give you a head start on other players in the market. To support you in your operations and future plans, we stand ready to advise in various areas of intellectual property rights.

Commercial interests

A wide variety of differing commercial interests are often involved in the areas of brand and trade names, website and domain names, logos, presentations, designs and blueprints, etc. Intellectual property rights can also be critical when companies or divisions are about to be sold.

Our competitive edge

We can advise you at a number of different stages, and if need be in close cooperation with PwC colleagues in our own and other disciplines both in the Netherlands and abroad. We distinguish ourselves by providing tailored legal services in multi-competence teams, and with a large international network of lawyers close at hand when needed. Our practical experience in the field of commercial contracts and related issues facilitates the ideal link between theory and practice.

Our services

We stand ready to help you with any issues you may have regarding intellectual property and the related legal and contractual aspects. If need be, we can also undertake the implementation and execution of our advice.