HR law

HR Law
“First-aid” in terms of legislative changes

The employment law landscape is changing on a daily basis. As an employer, you are expected to adapt seamlessly both to changes in legislation and regulation and to new case law. We can help you in this, and help ensure that new requirements never take you by surprise.

Increasing complexity of HR regulations

As you move along with the changing employment law landscape, your organisation is probably developing more and more complex HR regulations. Labour is becoming increasingly mobile and flexible, and remuneration structures are becoming ever more challenging. All the more reason to obtain external advice!

HR law issues

It is important to know what employment law issues you face. Do you need advice on individual and/or collective employment law projects and issues? Do you wonder whether your staff are operating in compliance with applicable legislation and regulation? How do you handle employment law issues arising from ongoing developments as they occur? Are you planning on sending staff abroad - or maybe bringing employees into the Netherlands from abroad?

Our competitive edge

Our team advises you on a wide range of employment law issues and related matters. We work together closely with our human resources experts, in the Netherlands and abroad, to guarantee a full range of services in the field of employment law, personnel costs, strategic human resources policy, employee communication, pension, taxes and social security.

Our services

We can help you answer your employment law concerns, focussing in particular on:

  • Management of legal risks, including contracts and remuneration schemes
  • Collective and individual dismissal law and redundancy schemes
  • International employment law issues, in collaboration with our domestic and international HRS experts
  • Transactions and restructuring programmes, social plans and works council issues