Corporate Structuring/Restructuring

Corporate (Re)Structuring
Corporate structuring requires constant attention

The staggering rate of change in today’s world means that your company must always be on the ball and update its corporate structure on a regular basis. We stand ready to help you with this – and also to help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Optimal corporate structure

It is important to know what issues you are facing. For instance: Are you aware of the most effective structure for your company? Is it time to merge, or perhaps de-merge, certain divisions?

Synergy benefits and tax efficiencies

Maybe you have acquired another company and now wish to maximise the synergy benefits? Or your (international) structure has become too complex, increasing the liability risk to management? How should you handle group companies that pretty much inactive? We can help you update your company structures either to achieve the legal and tax optimisation you are looking for or simply to reduce your cost base.

Our competitive edge

We can advise you at a number of different stages, and if need be in close cooperation with PwC colleagues in our own and other disciplines both in the Netherlands and abroad. We distinguish ourselves by providing tailored legal services in multi-competence teams, and with a large international network of lawyers close at hand when needed. Our practical experience in the field of commercial contracts and related issues facilitates the ideal link between theory and practice.

Our services

  • Access to one of the largest global networks of international restructuring lawyers in the world
  • Advice and implementation regarding domestic and international restructurings
  • Supervision of domestic and international share transactions within the group
  • Cross-border and domestic legal mergers and set up of international structures
  • Advice on cooperatives, foundations and associations