Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance
Getting the management balance right

Sound corporate management requires balanced, transparent and verifiable decision-making processes. The relationships among and between managing directors, supervisory directors, advisory bodies and shareholders are fundamental to this. We can help you strike the right balance.

Changes in regulation

Regulation in the areas of management and supervision changes continuously. New stakeholders and international developments can also bring further change. Issues like these, both internal and external, are not always within your direct control.

Pragmatic solutions

PwC Legal Services helps you find pragmatic solutions within the context of existing and upcoming legislation and regulation. Sound management and supervision require a clear and constant understanding of the playing field. We work with you in this process.

Our competitive edge

We can advise you at a number of different stages, and if need be in close cooperation with PwC colleagues in our own and other disciplines both in the Netherlands and abroad. We distinguish ourselves by providing tailored legal services in multi-competence teams, and with a large international network of lawyers close at hand when needed. Our practical experience in the field of commercial contracts and related issues facilitates the ideal link between theory and practice.

Our services

  • Improvement of control over the various entities within the group
  • Assessment of Articles of Association and of internal rules and regulations in terms of the governance objectives
  • Evaluation of the management and supervisory structures
  • Analysis of directors’ and officers’ general liability and of the liability of managing directors and supervisory directors
  • Assistance in organising and updating your corporate governance