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Entertainment & Media Outlook for the Netherlands 2013-2017
View the E&M Outlook for
the Netherlands 2013-2017

We offer you the possibility to read the Entertainment & Media Outlook for the Netherlands 2013-2017 whenever and wherever you like.

You can flick through the digital version of the Outlook, which is optimized for viewing on various mobile devices. It is also easy to share content via social media or download parts or all of the Outlook.

You can also buy a package for €69,95 (incl. VAT) which includes both the hardcopy version of the Outlook and access to the more elaborate data and commentary which is available online only.

Explore the industry

  • Fully updated forecast and historical data for 11 segments
  • Industry segments, with PwC viewpoint on major themes
  • Drill down through data across segments and components
  • View year-on-year growth for every data line
  • Download a PDF version of each segment
  • Touch-enabled interface for tablets such as the iPad

Customise your datasets

  • Build personalised data selections, save for future use, and export to Excel and PDF formats
  • Filter digital versus non-digital spending data, and advertising versus consumer spending data, across segments
  • Create customised bar charts, pie charts and line graphs instantly, and export charts for use in reports and presentations