The Entertainment & Media Outlook for the Netherlands 2013-2017 presents annual historical data for the 2008-2012 period and provides annual forecasts for 2013-2017 across 11 industry segments. To reflect the ever-changing nature of the industry we dedicated a full chapter on distribution and have summarized the advertising market in the final chapter of this year’s Outlook to align with some of these changes. We continue seeking out new data sources and have again increased the depth of our content which can be found in the online Outlook only.

The development of the Outlook is an involved process during which we gather different views from various players across the entertainment and media sector and by analyzing our research and market information. The creation of the Outlook in close collaboration with the business is a great example of the way we work. This ultimately enables us to provide an outside perspective on the sectors in the entertainment and media market that adds value to our clients and partners.

Extensive consumer/end-user and advertising spending data

The Outlook contains extensive consumer/end-user and advertising spending data for 11 segments:

  • Distribution
  • Filmed Entertainment
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Music
  • Video Games
  • Newspapers
  • Consumer Magazines
  • Business-to-Business Publishing
  • Consumer & Educational Books
  • Advertising

Views of top executives of Dutch entertainment and media companies

Madeleine de Cock Buning
Commissariaat voor de Media

Patty Geneste
Absolutely Independent

Reinout te Brake
Game World Consultants

Philip Kok
the valley