This year’s Outlook also features the personal views of top executives of several Dutch entertainment and media companies. Please find the full version of each interview below by clicking on ‘Read more…’.

Frank Botman - Dasym

Frank Botman, founder of Dasym Investment Strategies, expounds his views and observes trends concerning the media sector that reflect similar changes for society as a whole. Botman: ‘Today we are only at the beginning of a social transformation process where the power position of companies shifts toward what we call the “amplified consumer”...’
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Frank Botman

Madeleine de Cock Buning - Commissariaat voor de Media

The convergence of mass media and communications initially only referred to technological developments, whereas today it is mostly about content which is distributed and consumed through a variety of media platforms, as well as about different media companies joining forces or setting foot on each other’s territories...
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Madeleine de Cock

voor de Media

Patty Geneste - Absolutely Independent

It is an unwritten rule that in times of economic downturn the creative industry flourishes. Viewers want uncomplicated feel-good-programmes that entertain and take their minds off things. At the same time economic recession incites more format rip-offs, because some producers are not willing to pay for new creative ideas, as they expect to save money that way...
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Patty Geneste
Absolutely Independent

Menno Koningsberger and Liedewij Hentenaar

The year 2013 is crucial for the radio sector as the launch of the international Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB+) standard and the expansion of the number of radio stations will drastically change the Dutch radio landscape. The convergence of radio with the online world leads up to the entry of new global competitors who all compete for the same advertising budgets and the attention of the consumer...
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Menno Koningsberger
Liedewij Hentenaar

Reinout te Brake - Game World Consultants

Reinout te Brake from Game World Consultants in Amsterdam is a gaming strategist who knows the gaming sector inside out. Reinout: ‘I’m completely focused on understanding the market and monitoring where the sector is heading, as I’m in constant dialogue with gaming companies and investors.’
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Reinout te Brake
Game World Consultants

Philip Kok - the Valley

The specialists at the valley offer the whole spectrum of digital advertising as they combine creativity and technique. Last June cross channel marketing communications agency the valley celebrated its 18th anniversary. The different business labels that were added to the company over the years perfectly reflect the needs of clients and the developments in the world of advertising as a whole.
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Philip Kok
the valley