Our Services

PwC NL China Business Group assists Chinese companies investing in the Netherlands and Europe. We are a dedicated team of bilingual specialists who can provide in-depth knowledge of the markets, culture, legal systems, tax, accounting, auditing, regulatory framework and M&A in both The Netherlands and China. We work closely together with PwC China. This ensures that we share best practices and relevant information to Chinese companies that are interested to invest in the Netherlands and/or Europe.

Together with our rich industry knowledge and our Chinese speaking specialists, we provide hands-on, practical assistance to Chinese companies looking to expand into The Netherlands or Eurozone, as well as Dutch companies wishing to develop their operations in China.

We provide thoughtful, bespoke services which support our clients’ development strategies, wherever in the world those ambitions may take them.


We offer Chinese companies a comprehensive range of professional services from audit, tax, compliance services, merge & acquisition and legal services. Besides assisting Chinese companies, we also provide advise to Dutch companies that want to develop business in or with China.


  • Increased awareness of prospective accounting and regulatory changes.
  • Independent review of externally reported financial and other information.
  • Advice on controls and processing system deficiencies and weaknesses.


  • Designing a tax-efficient structure – Cross-border operating entities have to assess the most appropriate tax structure for their investments in the Netherlands and/or Europe. Our tax experts can assist you in making optimal use of state-of-the-art tax incentives that the Netherlands offer.
  • Structuring and managing your indirect taxes – We can help you implement a well-designed indirect taxes structure to boost cash flows, utilize VAT recovery procedures and to minimize the overall indirect tax costs.

Compliance Services

  • Providing accounting services such as bookkeeping.

Transaction Services

  • Advice on all aspects of mergers and acquisitions, disposals, private equity transactions and finance raising.
  • Considering the right deal for controlled growth: We can assist you in numerous aspects involved in the deal-making process, from identifying the right targets, execution of the deal, to post-deal integration.


  • Financial accounting and complex reporting issues: Our deep understanding of regulation and legislation means we can help you with financial accounting issues such as valuations, listings, and complex reporting issues involving International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Dutch GAAP. Advising on financial accounting and complex reporting issues.
  • Taking the right strategic investment decisions: Based on your company’s strategy and future growth plans, our experts develop all possible coverage scenarios and provide you with the insight you need to make in order to make successful strategic investment decisions.
  • Managing your people issues: Compliance with immigration, personal tax, social security and labour law rules is very important in the Netherlands. We can efficiently handle the full compliance circle, keeping the overall HR cost under control.

Legal Services

  • Determining the most suitable legal framework for your investment in The Netherlands or China: The Dutch corporate legal system is highly appreciated by foreign investors for its flexibility and its alignment to modern business needs. Combined with its situation in the heart of Europe, the Netherlands is favorably situated for the coordination of your pan-European investment from a legal perspective. We can assist you in devising the optimal legal framework.