About the Ageing Scan

Doe de online self-check en verzilver uw kansen van de vergrijzing!

Fill out the online ageing scan and take advantage of the opportunities ageing has to offer!

With questions on finances, markets, adaptability, organisational and development strategies, human resources, the use of IT and the role of primary and supporting processes, the PricewaterhouseCoopers scan provides insight into the ways in which population ageing may affect your organisation. The test will reveal how various aspects might influence one another, now and in the future. Taking the self-check test will tell you instantly which particular aspects most demand your organisation's attention.

Not only does the scan explore the current and projected future situation, it also takes existing ageing policies into account. This analysis can serve as input for a comprehensive and targeted approach. It will also show you where your organisation stands in relation to other organisations in your specific sector. The scan was developed for public and private sector organisations.

Our free, no-obligation scan is available online and takes just 15-20 minutes to complete. After completion you will receive instant feedback on your results.

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