Brexit - what's next?

The UK public have voted to leave the EU. What's happening now? Our experts have made a publication with the possible scenarios and you can find links to our related thought leadership and expert opinion here.

Article 50 - triggering a change

Now that the UK Prime Minister has triggered Article 50, the two year negotiation period begins. In the next month the EU Council will respond to Theresa May’s letter and set out the ‘rules of engagement’ for the negotiation. Importantly officials on both sides will now be able to engage in formal conversations about negotiating positions and red lines.

The UK Government has committed to providing as much certainty as possible for businesses, throughout the negotiations, however, it is unlikely that there will be any significant updates in the near term. We will probably know the shape of the deal in Autumn 2018, as this is when the deal will need to be submitted and approved by member states and the European Parliament.

Look here what to expect in the months ahead

Article 50 - triggering an change

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